About Us

"The camera isn't important, it's the person behind the camera that makes all the difference."

More than 20 years of experience in the creative photography domain has catapulted Ramesh Mangaonkar high up in the ranks, right along with Mumbai’s leading photographers and videographers. Be it concept photography, FMCG, fashion, jewellery, corporate, realty, electronics or food, Ramesh Mangaonkar trains his unique and unfiltered lens on the subject to capture still and moving moments that are raw yet refreshing, fleeting yet enduring.

As a dynamic professional, Ramesh, during the pandemic evolved to become a Director of Photography (DOP) and an ace videographer. He sensed the sudden shift in the industry towards remote and virtual experiences – which is leading to a higher demand for high-quality video content. From TV commercial and social media reels to product shoots, realty, corporate and internal communication, Ramesh has extended his core skillset to offer a more comprehensive array of services.

Years of working under photography stalwarts have lent Ramesh an indomitable hold on the art. Today, Ramesh Mangaonkar Photography imbues its own unique identity – with a spacious studio that is equipped with all photography & cinematography essentials such asadvanced cameras, magnificent sets, exciting props, and lighting arrangements – delivering results with in the expected time frames. His versatility and adaptability have allowed him to thrive in a changing world to become one of the sought-after professionals in Mumbai and beyond.